Navigation from one page to another react-router-dom v6

Hey there everyone !

I’m getting into a problem. While navigating from one component to another using Link (react-router-dom v6) , I want to get back to same position/location from where I clicked the button. I’ve searched on this but couldn’t find yet any possible solutions.

How is the back navigation done?

There is a ScrollRestoration component.

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For example:
I have a blog screen and in the blog screen I’ve 100+ blogs which gets down to the bottom screen and each blog contains a button (details) which is a react-router-link, navigates me to the blogs detail screen ! Now the thing is; If I scroll down and click the detail button of 55th blog and want to get back from my blog detail page to the same position / location: i.e. to my 55th blog

I hope … Now you will understand !

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