Navigation menu to the right

Hello everyone,

I want my navigation menu to be on the right side. How to do it?
Also, I want my content overlaid on some colored background with some specific width(not the width of the screen).

Please suggest me how to achieve these two.

Here’s the link to my code.


you can use table or cssGRid or bootstrap grid! lots of possibilities, can i ask something as well?

What class of bootstrap, or if not, what did you do to hide the nav bar and change it to button when the screen becomes small?

Before 9th line of the html code add:
<ul class="navbar-nav mr-auto"></ul>

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Add collapse-expand-mg class to nav tag and
to create a collapsible navigation bar, use a button with class=“navbar-toggle”, data-toggle=“collapse” and data-target="#thetarget". Then wrap the navbar content (links, etc) inside a div element with class=“collapse navbar-collapse”, followed by an id that matches the data-target of the button: “thetarget”.

refer lines 5-8 in my code

Thanks, it worked…