Need Advice for getting a job into AI/ML Engineering with no tech experience

Hi everyone,

I am very new to tech with no past experience and exposure. I am very interested into AI/ML engineering.

I was wondering how can I get into this job. Should I focus on learning a specific programming language first? or the fundamentals of computer science like algorithms and data structures?

I know that there’s limited or not a lot of available entry level jobs in AI/ML engineering, which path offers a lot of available entry level job that is also relevant and can be a transferable skill to AI/ML engineering?

I want to get paid and have a consistent income on tech industry while enhancing my skill and getting more experience to have more opportunities and be qualified to land a job on AI/ML engineering.

My second interest aside from AI is full stack development which is it already offers a step by step here in freecodecamp. But I heard data analyst and software development/engineering is more relevant and can be transferable into AI compare to full stack development. I heard also that it also has a lot of available entry level jobs and I can make a good income while in the meantime gain more experience for AI engineering.

Should I focus my time and energy instead on data analyst or software development/engineering?

I am overwhelmed and confuse right now and need help on giving my time and attention on the right path for my main goal.

AI/ML is disguised statistics, that’s a topic you need to learn, maths and statistics. While web dev is a field that can be entered without a related degree, AI/ML is a field that is more selective, and asks more of a computer science or maths and statistics background

If I’m you, will do below

  1. Goto YT and search "how to become ai ml engineer "

  2. Find out top companies in this space and track down their employees

  3. e.g. I follow some of the top Tesla AI team members on linkedin and twitter. As am one of their share holders :wink:

  4. Sent them invite with specific queries, am sure few of them will help you and guide you properly.

Which country do you belong to ?

If you’re in USA then you’re already in gold mine, you need to just pick up the right shovel and start digging :smiley:

All the very best.

@raflvilla Goto YT and search “Tesla AI day”

Go through all the videos, make notes of people who are giving presentations and track them down on linked, their team members etc

That way you will sure that you’re getting info directly from horse’s mouth.

See @ralfvilla,
You are talking about the next-gen technologies like AI/ML engineering, full stack development, and then Data Analyst. Remember one thing that all these technologies are different from each other. It is just you need to focus on your interest. We would like to know your educational qualifications and certification courses if you did any. The scope of all these three in the IT world is next-level. But you have to be prepared for all kinds of pros and cons associated with it.

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