Need basic instruction on how the lessons progress

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Hi, I’m starting on my first lessons. I see the instructions, but do not get whether there is a way to progress through them by forwarding to the next step (I don’t see a “continue” button to go to the next lesson, building on the last) or if each new step is independent of the last. Thanks for your help.

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// Example
var ourName;

// Declare myName below this line
var ourName; 

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You progress through by pressing the “Run the Tests” button on the left (beneath the lesson/instructions; it’s green). Then it will either tell you what tests you’ve failed, or if successful, a box will pop up that has a button that says “Submit and go to the next challenge”.


@katieyang is right, but also you need to enter the correct code to pass the test. Your code is wrong, you need to:
“ Use the var keyword to create a variable called myName .”