Need feedback for FreeCodeCamp Timestamp Microservice Project

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I tried to make it without Moment JS and it’s working.

I think, I should add some RegExp and 404 route. But I don’t know RegExp yet.
Are there any bad practices in the code? Thank you!

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app.get('/api/timestamp/:date', function(req, res) {
    // check, if entry is yyyy-mm--dd
    var data =;
    if (isNaN(data)) {
        // if entry is yy-mm-dd
        var unixFormat = new Date(data).getTime()/1000;
        var temp = new Date(unixFormat * 1000);
        var utc = temp.toUTCString();
    else {
        // if entry is unix time
        var temp = new Date(data * 1000);
        var utc = temp.toUTCString();
        var unixFormat = parseInt(data); // for removing quotation marks 
        unix: unixFormat,
        utc: utc

app.get('/api/timestamp', function(req, res) {
    // Now
    var time = new Date();
    var utc = time.toUTCString()
    var unix = time.getTime();
        unix: unix,
        utc: utc

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I reclassified your category to Project Feedback, since your are seeking feedback on your project.

Thank you! I am waiting for some feedbacks.