Need Feedback on Product Landing Page

Hi Friends

I have completed my Product Landing Page. Please give your valuable feedback on the same.


Product Landing Page


Hi, did you try to do it without Bootstrap? I think it could be more interesting for your learning! :slight_smile:

Looks slick. I notice your nav links cut off some of the linked to content. I was having the same issue last week. Here’s the link to how it was solved. Also improving the readability of your code would be nice.

Thanks for letting me know…I have implemented your solution in my page

You are right…It’s just that I’ve been using bootstrap css for a year now and whenever I design a page it becomes default to add it. I will try my next project without using bootstrap…Thanks for the suggestion

I understand, that’s what I did the first time! But, with experience, it’s better to do everything from scratch to really learn how CSS (or HTML, or JS, etc.) works.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile: