Need Feedback on Technical Documentation page

Hi fellow campers

I have completed my Technical Documentation page. Please let me know your comments or suggestions on the page.

Technical Documentation Page


Seems fine, but what is this? The picture is getting actually displayed, instead of code, I think

Something is wrong on line 557. Does it want you to escape the apostrophe in the word “won’t?” If not why is there a syntax error there?

Thanks for pointing it out. It is fixed now. A syntax error in code.

You are right. Thanks for letting me know. Syntax error fixed now :slight_smile:

Looks good - nice and clean and easy to read. One thing I would suggest to finish it off would be to keep the nav at the top of the page, regardless of how far down it you are, when your breakpoint kicks in. With a significant amount of text like you have on your page, it would make navigation - especially on mobiles, which would be the most likely small-screen devices that would be accessing the page - that much easier.