Need help bootstrap container alignment

I have tried switch from contain to container-fluid and changing the offset numbers but I still cannot get things to move to the center. I tried to move the header up also. I think I need to remove the browser default settings but I cannot find anything on google for the commands. My page is Thanks for any suggestions.

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What are you trying to center? Is it the Jumbotron? If you remove the column classes from the jumbotron and add the class text-center to the outer container, it should center for you.

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@JavaTheNutt I am trying to center the jumbotron and move the data that appears below it. I could avoid centering, but I just need the container moved more to the left. If you view in full page you will see it looks bad. Thanks for your response!

I forked your pen, something more like that?

I centered everything there, but you could move the text-center class to the jumbotron if you only wanted that centered, and then use a grid for the results.

You were missing a double-quote just above div.output too btw.

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Hi JavaTheNutt,
Thanks for the update. I added your updates.