Need help for project

Thanks for the advice.

when am i try to pass link variable in i get undefined, but when i print it in console it get printed. so my question is why it shows me undefined? and is there any why to improve my code?

window.onload = loadData;

function getLocation() {
   if (navigator.geolocation) {
   } else { 
       document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = "Geolocation is not supported by this browser.";

function showPosition(position) {
   const loc = ""+position.coords.latitude+"&lon="+position.coords.longitude;

function loadData() {
 const request = new XMLHttpRequest();
 const link = getLocation();'GET', link, true); // here it pass undefined instead of link.
 request.onload = function() {
   if(this.status === 200) {
     const data = JSON.parse(this.responseText);
     document.querySelector('.icon').innerHTML = `<img src=${[0].icon} alt="Weather Icon" />`;
     document.querySelector('.icon_name').innerHTML = `${[0].main} `;
     document.querySelector('.num').innerHTML = `${data.main.temp}`;
     document.querySelector('.loc').innerHTML = `${}`+", " +`${data.sys['country']}`;

what ami i doing wrong

You’re not asking a question, that’s what :stuck_out_tongue:

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Explain what you are expecting your code to do and then what it is actually doing instead. The more details you can give, the greater the number of useful responses you will receive.

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Now give me an answer instead of emoji :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, thanks for the advice. i edited my question…

Thanks , i edited my question

Your functions aren’t returning anything.

Yeah, showPosition is just assigning a variable, the function just returns undefined. return " rather than const loc = "

And getting geolocation is an asynchronous operation: even if you make it return the correct URL, link is still going to be undefined in'GET', link, true);, because that function isn’t going to sit and wait for the coordinates to come back from the system. You need the AJAX request to fire in the geolocation callback, ie once the coordinates have been established.

so, i have to use ajax request using ajax…

Can you provide us a link to the complete project, so we can take a look at all the code you currently are using?

Your logic is a bit off. When the page loads, you should be calling getLocation and not loadData. Why? Because loadData assumes you already have have a URL for the weather API. You try to call getLocation in the, but since the navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition is asynchronous, it does not wait until a response comes back to it before proceeding, so the call to getLocation just returns undefined.

Your loadData function needs a parameter where you can pass in the weather API url, then inside your showPosition function you can call loadData with the applicable url instead of showPosition returning a url as you are currently doing.

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No, you’re already making an AJAX request, you just aren’t requesting anything

function loadData() {
  const request = new XMLHttpRequest();
  const link = getLocation();

The program doesn’t stop here and wait while the system gets the location, it just goes right on and tries to run this:'GET', link, true);
  request.onload = function() {

So even when you fix the function that returns the location url, link will still be undefined

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Can give me a link that explain asynchronous and synchronous request?

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