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See the Pen freeCodeCamp:Random QuoteMachi by Eldar (@eldarm) on CodePen.

Guyz want to share this on my github account, but gives me a link on gist.github with some embed script. Does it proper to leave it there, I just need to show it on my github account.
  1. Write your code locally, ie make a project folder, with HTML, CSS, JS files etc.
  2. Make a repo on github, it will give you instructions on how to push your local code to GH.

It’s more complex that just that, you’ll need git installed on you machine, then you can use the GUI or the command line, you’ll need to look at some tutorials if you don’t know what you’re doing - walking through GitHubs beginners guide is a good start. Codepen literally just shoves the files into a githib gist (just a place to put little snippets of code), it won’t make a repo for you.


Hi, CodePen also gives you the option to export the code as a Zip file. This should set up all the things that was specified by DanCouper.

Once you have done this, set a repository in Github and you can add your folder contents into it (drag & drop - easy peezy).

To go a step further, you can host your code in Git pages. These links should help:

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Created it here is link, plz check for feedback;


This looks good. Please do verify if it hosts as expected in Gitpages.

It’s great, very useful information.