Need help in resolving an issue with hamburger

I am creating a portfolio as part of FCC project. I have put a hamburger menu for mobile devices. But it works only when I click for the first time. After that, I am not able to trigger the onclick events over the hamburger. Could anyone please have a look and help me out what am I doing wrong or missing. Below is the codepen link of the page:


Hi your code is not working because you didn’t add an event listener try this

var nav = document.querySelector('.nav');

function clickBtn(){
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Hi @MculoFish, Thanks for going over my code and trying to help…!! Your code did work…But I had added the event handler on the hamburger’s button’s onclick event in html markup already… Is that not enough… Am curious…Thanks alot for helping out…!!

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Im not sure why your internal javascript isnt working I’ve never used it but id recommend you use an external file to write your javascript so you wont get confused

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Sure @MculoFish…!! Thanks alot again…!!