Need Help! My code just crash my browser!

I’m solving the factorial algorithm task but after finish my code, i run the test case for factorial(5) and it gives me 120. but after i put factorial(10) and factorial(20) my browser just crash after few moments. Now i’m trying to remove my code from the task but it gets hang everytime when i get into that task link. Now how can i get back into that code again? help me.

by the way here is my code that makes this trouble:

function factorial(num) {
  var result = 1;
  for(var i = num; i > 0; i--){
    result = num * factorial(num-1);
  return result;


Finally, I get back into into my code again. i stop the loop process by writing in the url ?run=disable after than i can edit my code again.

BYou need an exit condition before running your recursive loop. I didn’t troubleshoot your code but crashing browser is almost always an endless loop.

For example try adding

If num =1 return num

Before your loop. Yourcode runs a loop on factorial(1) and it doesn’t need to. That should let the recursive loops bubble back up.

Although I don’t know why it would happen on 10 and not on 5

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yeah, i am also surprise about the factorial(5) test case. But i was than realize i did horrible job. thanks for your reply. i just completed it.

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