Need help on step 60 for the skiyline assessment

This is my code but its not running and not sure why its not correct can someone help me out please thank you so much.

.bb3 { width: 10%; height: 55%; background-color: var(--building-color3); background: repeating-linear-gradient( 90deg, building-color3 0%, building-color3 15%, window-color3 15% ); }

Link to challenge:

Can you post your code using the format instead of posting images. You can use the format button which looks like </>. This way we can copy and paste the code in the challenge on our side to see whats going on

Please provide a link to the challenge as well.

updated it Thank you!

So, the first thing is since you are using building-color-3, and window-color-3 you need to use var because those are variables. Look at the background-color example, see how it is using var? You need to add that to all three of your variables.

Second, you do not need to add any percentages for the first two colors, the only percentage you should be adding is 15% for the last one.

Thank you for the response and I’m glad you pointed out my error I’m sitll trying to figure out whats wrong still as i’ve already fulfilled the hint


.bb3 {
  width: 10%;
  height: 55%;
  background-color: var(--building-color3);
  background: repeating-linear-gradient(90deg,
    var(--building-color3) 0,
    var(--building-color3) 7.5,
    var(--window-color3) 15%

In my last reply I said the following. Meaning the first two should not have any numbers

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Thank you so much for the clarification and helping me out with this been stuck on it all day

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No problem, I probably could have made that more clear the first time but glad you got through it

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