Need help on what Python projects I should build, just finished taking a Python course for computional and logical thinking

Hello, am a Computer Information Systems major. I don’t know what kind of project I should do, I learned all the fundamental concepts for programming like functions, repetitions, lists, dictionaries, and a little bit of OOP. Am going to take a OOP course next semester using C++ but during this winter break I still want to practice on Python. Also I’m doing a course on Web Development on Coursera but that’s just for fun, am just trying to build a Python project to post it in my portfolio.

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Have you done any of the FCC curriculum already? (I know it’s JS here, but) I ask because next year they are adding Python and looking for beta testers for the new Python projects, more information here:

You could apply to help test and give feedback or just use one of them for an idea.

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