How to get early access to the new Python certification projects

Hey everyone, I have some quick updates on Version 7.0 of the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

@beaucarnes and @scissorsneedfoodtoo have made remarkable progress with designing these new certification projects.

We are just about ready to publish these new certification projects on freeCodeCamp.

Initially you will build these on

Then, later in 2020, we will finish our new freeCodeCamp Editor. This will give you the option of building these projects right on (The same with all the other projects that you currently have to build on external sites like CodePen and JSBin.)

Here are the new certification projects we’ve just finished building:

Scientific Computing

  • Arithmetic Formatter
  • Time Calculator
  • Budget App
  • Polygon Area Calculator
  • Probability Calculator

Data Analysis

  • Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator
  • Demographic Data Analyzer
  • Medical Data Visualizer
  • Page View Time Series Visualizer
  • Sea Level Predictor

Information Security

  • Stock Price Checker
  • Anonymous Message Board
  • Real Time Multiplayer Game
  • Port Scanner
  • SHA-1 Password Cracker

Machine Learning Certification Projects

  • Cat and Dog Image Classifier
  • Music Recommendation Engine
  • Linear Regression Fuel Economy Calculator
  • Neural Network Text Analyzer
  • Rock Paper Scissors Analyzer

And we have two new Quality Assurance projects (that are replacing 2 projects that moved over to the Information Security certification) that we also want feedback on:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Spell Checker

If you’re interested in test-driving some of these projects, please fill out this form.

A reminder that all the practice projects for these certifications are still under development, and will arrive later in 2020, once we’ve finished our new freeCodeCamp Editor.

Thanks, and have a happy holiday season.