What do you think of the 2020 curriculum updates?

Hey contributors,

Earlier today I published an overview of freeCodeCamp’s upcoming improvements to our curriculum.

We’ve come a long way since we first started work on Version 7.0 of the curriculum back in March.

Since we don’t have comments on /news currently, I wanted to start a thread here so we could discuss it.

Also, if anyone is interested in helping us design some of these Practice Projects, we still have a lot to go. We’re about to do a big update to our current GitHub Project board and make more of our work so far public.


Woah, didn’t noticed the new 4 certs data-related^^ That’s something i will definitely enjoy!

Can’t say thanks enough for such a huge works, i will probably go once again through all the new curriculum projects!
Thank you all! :partying_face:


I really like the idea of putting all the lessons into projects. One thing I’ve been struggling with is when I apply for jobs, my GitHub account is more or less empty because all the professional projects I’ve worked on in the past have been private code. This new curriculum format teaches not only the concepts but also more “big picture” practice to see how everything fits together and therefore makes it easier to build personal projects.

Out of curiosity, why is there no PHP in the curriculum?

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This all sounds great! I’m really looking forward to some of those practice projects, and the python curriculum.

Same reason there is no Ruby, Java, C++, Go, Haskell, Rust etc. The curriculum is built by volunteers and there is only so much they can do at a time. Better to do a few things really well than try to offer every stack under the sun.


Would there be any game design focus in future like with c#?

I am really excited for this new update! My first introduction to the coding world was through Python since its syntax is so similar to English. Overtime, I kind of dropped Python and focused on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and was stuck in a low point. Once I came across, FCC, my front-end skills went incredibly up and started getting back in the flow. I find the back-end project are difficult and was eager to get back to Python due to its relevancy in machine learning and AI (my absolute favorite) but I was nervous it would be too advanced. With these new additions, rest in peace Netflix and YouTube! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


There’s a lot of c# game stuff on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel:



Really excited, the Python projects sound so neat. I can’t wait to try out the ML curriculum.

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Thanks Jackson, I will give it a look.

I think the new update will be awesome adding more to the curriculum. But, I’m quite used to the current lessons, can I still continue to use and access this after the update??

To add to this reason, we want the curriculum to stay linear and focused. We will continue to cover additional languages and tools on our YouTube.

Go to YouTube and search “PHP” and the first video that comes up will be a freeCodeCamp one :wink:



I think this is a fantastic idea and cannot wait to check it out! :smiley:

I think this is great because when I first start learning Javascript, I was struggling to learn the programming concepts (more on the intermediate level and beyond). I was advised by my friend to
learn a programming language like Java. But I ended up learning the basic concepts of both Java and Python, which was the best thing I have done because it has help to understanding programming better.

I am still not there yet, and the fact I have only learnt the basic concepts and didn’t do any projects, which I should have probably done.

So, my question is when you get to roll out Python certifications, could I get to do them first (projects included) in order to better myself in understanding Javascript concept? Or is it preferable to follow the curriculum in order?

Again, this is brilliant and I cannot wait to restart on the curriculum and get my hands dirty on the projects! :blush:


Hi Madalena,

We are designing the curriculum to be done in order. This said, we’re also making each certification as modular as possible.

So yes - you could in theory start going through the Python certification, though much of the basic algorithms and data structures is covered back in the earlier JavaScript certification, so we would skip over a lot of that.

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Yes - we’re planning to keep the lessons still available, just like we always have with deprecated curricula. We will move these to the Interview Prep section under a new section called “Refresher tutorials” or something like that :slight_smile:


Ah, freeCodeCamp besting its age-old competitors :slight_smile:


That is good to know, thank you for this :slight_smile:

Well, i am happy to try out this learning approach and see how it goes. :+1:


The new curriculum sounds exciting and I almost wish I were still beginner.
I’ve looked at the Python curriculum and it looks really exciting. Can’t wait to get started.

A team leader of mine once leaned over to my bent little self and whispered 'it’s not all bad’ in my ear. She’s right. FCC is definitely a bit of reality that is quite good.

Thank you very much,

Karin Meersman

I’m from morocco and i always recommend to my friends FCC, may god bless you

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Hi Thanks for all the great work you’re doing. I can see new Python courses are included, at any point do you intend to have the IDE for Python similar to the HTML/CSS/JS? That’d be great if you included it. We’re using freecodecamp here in our school and 100’s of students are benefiting from this every year as part of their GCSE Computer Science course. Thanks again!

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Can’t wait to work on this too! yay!

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