"FreeCodeCamp" version 7

When the new curriculum of freecodecamp version 7 will be released.

Please share anything you know about it.

Hi @bit-tech-developer !

It has already started to roll out.

The new responsive web design curriculum is already out

The new JavaScript curriculum is currently being built out.
There is no set date for when that will come out.
But when beta is ready, there will be plenty of announcements like there was with the Responsive web design curriculum.

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Any guess how much time it will take ?
I’m talking about full version of new curriculum including web and data science both.
I’m eagerly waiting.

It will take years because it takes a lot of work to create the practice projects, and testing everything.
That is why it is being slowly rolled out when certain sections become available.

Heart Breaking News!!!

Please Don’t mind I’m just exposing my inner feelings.

freeCodeCamp has been in a constant state of change and improvement for almost a decade. It will never be “done”. There are new courses in development, there are redesigns of existing curriculum sections, there are content changes, performance changes, accessibility changes that will be rolled out as they complete.

I know that.
I was just waiting for major curriculum update which was announced above year before.

I believe that FreeCodeCamp is the only Platform which combines :
[ interactive, step by step instructions, project based,
real world scenario, and on top of that Free ] ;

I’m eagerly waiting.

I’d say don’t wait. Just jump right in. It’s impossible for fCC or any other resource to fully keep pace with changing technologies, so you’ll be waiting forever if you’re looking for the best most up-to-date courses. The curriculum as it is, while flawed and outdated in areas, is still good.

I know that.
I’m already in.
I just saw the content of topics in that curriculum and liked that and wished
to do it soon. Is that wrong ?

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