New JavaScript Course Coming Soon

Will there be a new Javascript course soon? The responsive web design curriculum has been recently updated. Is the Javascript course next on the list? If so, is there a release date?

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Hi @laurencollins1109 !

There is no set date for when the new JavaScript course will come out but the team is currently working on it.

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Hi, has the outlook changed since then? I’m currently finishing the RWD course and wonder if I should wait for the new curriculum, so I am very curious :slight_smile:

the course is still be built.
If you are finished with the RWD course, then you can move onto the javascript course.

When the new course does come out there will be announcements made on social media, the forum and through fcc news.

Thank you, so this is still a matter of months/year(s?)?

It won’t be years.
It will be months

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Hello, now we are more than half a year since we were announced that it will be available “in the coming months” and still no new javascript course in sight. Any hopes to know at least a date? Will it be available in the android app as well? We really appreciate your hard work but a transparent timeline will be of help. It will be beneficial to be released as beta or even a part of it to learn from it until it is finished completely, just release it somehow. :slight_smile:


HI @Ionut1 !

Welcome to the forum!

Not sure where you heard that but no official announcements for the new JS curriculum have been released yet.

as I mentioned in my last reply, we are months out :slight_smile:

freecodecamp is open source which means you can see everything being built out in real time. but as mentioned earlier, we are months out from the beta release.

just like with the responsive web design curriculum there will be a beta version released.

hope that helps

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