Projects page on the GitHub repo is outdated

The projects page in the GitHub repo seems to be outdated.
For example: The Front end projects page

I’m pretty sure all of the RWD coursework has been shipped, yet it shows up as not started here.

There is also no intuitive way of tracking the current progress of the courses.

HI @valabojubharath !

In the beginning , the projects were being built out by staff and contributors.

But as the team grew, it shifted to staff members building out the projects and breaking them down into steps.

That is why the board is no longer being used.

The team is currently building out the javascript curriculum.

But you can still be an active contributor.

If you find any issues with the new Responsive course or if you are interested in picking up a help wanted issue in the fcc repo, you are free to do so.

Also, when the new javascript course is in beta, you can test that out and contribute there as well.

Hope that helps!

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Hi jwilkins.oboe, Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but is there an ETA on when the new JavaScript curriculum will be in Beta? I wanted to do the JavaScript curriculum, but after looking at it I decided against it since it looks like it was based on ES5 or earlier. What I looked at uses “var” instead of “let” and “const”. I did not want to go through an entire set of courses using “var” and other outdated items. I know a little about JavaScript, and was wanting to go through web development. I’d like to wait till the BETA for the new curriculum. So again, any ETA on when it may be available? I do not need an exact data --just wondering if it is within a month, by the end of this year, or later. Many thanks!

HI @kmjax !

Welcome to the forum!

There is no ETA on when the new javascript curriculum will come out.

Hard to tell.
It takes a lot to build out the projects, break them down into steps and test everything.
But it won’t be within a month.

Basic section covers es5, but the following sections are es6.

Hope that helps!

Let and const are introduced in the first few challenges and used throughout

Hi @kmjax !

I went searching through fCC’s blog and this is what I found. There are no ETA’s but it gives an idea of the overall structure of the curriculum. I found it in this article. Reading the article had me really hyped and excited for the prospective future of fCC.

Have a great day!

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