Progressively Updating the Curriculum

Apologies if this is a question due to an oversight of the big picture—but why can’t the curriculum be updated bit by bit and be a living curriculum?

I understand that this could have potential conflicts with issuing certificates because one probably cannot be acknowledged for an outdated version of something they have experience in (well, usually). However, given how long it has taken the beta curriculum the current curriculum it no longer makes sense to do things like this in the future. It seems that the problem could be solved by separating the curriculum into core components (HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, JavaScript algorithms, responsive design… etc., for example) and everything else (frameworks, libraries… etc.), and making sure that people are at least aware that some of the core components may have been updated when they are eligible for getting a certificate.

I’m not critising how it’s being done with the current updated curriculum planned and I just want to raise this for consideration/discussion. For instance, the way how major improvements is being incorporated into curriculum now seems unsustainable and makes freeCodeCamp less competitive since the entire curriculum has to be updated at the same time. The simplest example is the ES6 syntax—because of how common it has become and the improvements over the the current version in the current curriculum (at the time of writing), it occurs to me that the absence of the ES6 syntax in the curriculum right now (and for at least as long as I’ve started learning on FCC, which is Feburary 2017) makes absolutely no sense.

I think a potential solution is to separated the curriculum into a core part (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, algorithm, responsive design… etc.) and, well, everything else that is framework, library… etc., and that people are notified when major changes to, particularly the core part, of the curriculum occurs.

Apologies in advance if I haven’t thought through this more carefully. It’s just something that’s been bothering me for months and it seems silly that questions related to the outdated curriculum still wastes volunteers’ time.

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I agree! I may have missed it when I glanced over the section headings, but another example of something necessary that’s missing is CSS Grid. I agree that there will continue to be new examples as new features come into use, so it’s a good idea to have an efficient process to integrate them into the curriculum.

@honmanyau, once the beta curriculum is released, wouldn’t it be possible for people to make pull requests in order to change content as needed? Or, is it an “all changes to content need to happen at once” kind of thing?

To be honest I’m not entirely sure what exact it’s like in production and how much (or little) disruption it causes, but I don’t think “all changes to content need to happen at once” judging from past merges and the occasional bug hunting with my local copy.

I just thought I’d bring it up because I started here and I like it here and, well, it’s 2018. o:

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