Freecodecamp needs an update: I am willing to help


While going through the freecodecampe curriculum, I noticed many parts of the curriculum are out dated, reduced in quality and indepth content. The back end portion of the curriculum does not teach you how to create API’s and you need to go on an entirely new journey aside from freecodecampe to complete this. In fact, many of the curriculum courses require extra resources, as they are not provided via freecodecamp courses.

I understand required research is important, necessary and at times needed to complete any form of course work we do. However, the consistency of the courses content is inconsistent and at times lacking. Javascript is outdated, using the pr ES6 syntax, like “var” and while the HTML, first course, is very well done, many of the others, while interesting, are either so complex(not enough content to guide you), unless you use the tutorials they have, which do help.

When doing the back end course, I notced the explanations for completing each project and assignment to be vague, assuming and limited in scope.

It seems to me freecodecamp made these courses, and left them. It is not a matter of going out and looking up tutorials to learn new things, or complete the challenges and projects, it is the consistency of quality for each course. If the HTML, 1st course and its quality cascaded to the other courses, then i think it would be a more enjoyable learning process.

While I am a new learner in programming ,I would be more than happy to contribute, help and tackle these challenges. I think freecodecamp is ready for an upgrade, update and something refreshing :slight_smile:

We are actually working on ongoing updates to the curriculum, to include a full rewrite of everything.

Lots of information about this process is openly available:

Awesome :slight_smile: Thank you so much. I am excited to for the new updates :slight_smile:

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