Starting content needs consistent promising hopeful updates

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What are you talking about? The challenges are up to date.

Agreed. Is there something that you think is out of date? If so, what is it?

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I went through the first section of 300 hours and I was surprised how updated it is.
That said, you can’t find it updated until a feature within a technology has been used for at least all major browsers.

For example, the grid-gap property will be depracated for just “gap”. And a whole year will pass until EVERYONE is using “gap” instead of “grid-gap”.

So you won’t see “gap” on this curriculum BECAUSEEEEEEEEE the “gap” property was introduced a couple of days ago, by Google Chrome.

The freecodecamp curriculum is being constantly updated. Most of the time is small tweaks to specific challenges, and bug fixing, now and then there is a complete overhaul of the curriculum (version 7.0 is being worked on right now and there will be even more stuff than the current one).

You can take a look at the github repository to see that it is pretty active:

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all i care about the content itself is actually updated, not the other stuff

and i need tto see an ‘last updated’ date on the actual pages that actually had been updated

i shouldve made that clearer in the op

That’s a good feature it should be implemented on the #curriculum-help. A last-updated message to the user to see when was that part of the curriculum last updated.

Which part do you think is more important to you?

  • Last updated
  • User Friendliness
  • Projects
  • Feedback

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As said above, Free Code Camp is open source. You can see the last time any challenge was changed by looking at the GitHub repository. The content is regularly updated.

I’m not sure why you believe that the curriculum is out of date. Do you have any examples of content that you believe is inaccurate?

If you look at the GitHub Repository you can see when everything was last changed

It’s not like the basics change that often, JavaScript ES6 which is the current standard has been around for a few years for example

last updated is EXTREMELY important

since they are code ppl they should have a way where when they change soemthing in the guithub code, it auto-updates the ‘last udpated’, it’s a simple thing that still isnt done and its 2020

instead they’re making these dumb things about 'new code features that chrome etc doesnt even have yet

and that NONE of the 99.9% of new ppl are caring about or using

that is HUGE probelm that they have misplaced priorities

here’s an example of what needs to be udpated - Https://

every single ‘intro’ content needs to be updated im very sure

I am closing this thread. The original question has been answered and nothing more productive will come out of it.