Freecodecamp recent update - where to find stuff

After freeCodeCamp got updated I cannot find any of my old algorithms solutions. I used to be able to see any of the code I had written before. Has it been gone forever?
Also any time when I move forward with my challenges I have to update the curriculum page and it takes me to basic HTML and I have to manually find the section I am currently working on. I hope it is going to be changed to more or less “live” update.
A lot of interesting and useful things has been added though… The challenges I was done with are now all over the place… I don’t even know where to continue or shall i say START? :slight_smile:

found a few answers myself - 10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now (at the very bottom)

The ability to view your solutions in your portfolio isn’t working right now. I know it’s frustrating, but rest assured that nothing has really been lost.

In terms of where to go from here, that’s entirely up to you. If you’re in a really good groove, then find your last spot on the Curriculum page and stay in your groove. If you look at the Curriculum and see new lessons that you’re excited about, then go for it.