New freeCodeCamp Curriculum 2019/2020

Hello everyone!

Recently, I read a freeCodeCamp article about curriculum updates (Python and web development lessons turning project-based, at least) coming at the end of 2019 and into 2020.

Is there an update to that timeframe? I am very interested in completing the new curriculum but cannot recall what will be released and when.

Thank you!

This question has already been asked and answered a few times already. Try using our forum search and you will find it quickly. Also, you can just read the article again and find the same information.

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Changes will come in waves. The new Python content should release in the first half of 2020. It will integrate with the existing curriculum, so there is no reason to postpone working on freeCodeCamp while anticipating the new content.

Thanks, Ariel.

I did find this update ( but it seems to focus on Python and the overall curriculum; moreover, I’m curious when the new HTML/CSS/JS curriculum may be available?

The changes to an exclusively project based don’t have a release date yet. It is under active development.

There is no estimated date yet on when this will be available. The only thing we know is it will be an incremental change. For example, a specific existing curriculum section (i.e. CSS) might be replaced by its project-based counterpart before other curriculum sections.

Thank you, @ArielLeslie and @RandellDawson. I will keep an eye out on /news and Twitter for any updates.