Anyone know when the python curriculum will be added to free code camp

I know that it was announced that it would be added sometime in 2020, but I wonder when

Impossible to say, there are many contributors that come and go, so there is not a set number of people that work on it for a set time (and even then, it is impossible to give a right estimate)

last thing said was an “hopefully in the enxt few weeks”

just stay tuned and you will find out!

There were plans to add only the projects to the main curriculum early in 2020. It’s still “early 2020”, but I don’t know if that’s still the plan. The curriculum will not be added until the new version of freeCodeCamp, which is getting a major overhaul. That could be ready as soon as the end of the year, but may not. freeCodeCamp does have Python courses on their YouTube channel, and just added another course on machine learning with Python.