Free Code Camp Changes

Hello guys,

I read a fabulous article about the planned changes for FreeCodeCamp for the year of 2020 with a fundamental change in how lessons are going to be presented. There was going to be a big focus placed on Python and its various applications.

Does anyone know when these changes are to go live? In the article, it was mentioned that lessons would be delivered in a way that would all lead to building a project and wouldn’t be disjointed. I’m very excited about what was mentioned. Any heads up to when those changes would be happening would be greatly appreciated.


In the first line of the paragraph of the article, it states “Python certifications - will go live in early 2020”

As far as the project based curriculum, there is no estimated date for it to be implemented. It will go live when it is ready and not any sooner. I am sure there will be a formal announcement when it goes live, so you will just have to stay tuned.

Thanks for your reply. As ‘early 2020’ was a bit broad to me, I thought that someone here might have heard of more specific dates. As you mentioned, we’ll have to wait and see about the project-based curriculum.