FCC Python and Ruby Courses Available

Hey FCC, love your website. Best thing ever and so generous to the world to bring out free content like this. Do you think you guys will be developing a Python and Ruby content next?

Python is “early 2020” :smiley:

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Welcome to the freeCodeCamp community forum. As @pjonp mentioned, the Python curriculum will go live in early 2020.

We already have lots of traditional (non-interactive) courses on Ruby and Python on YouTube:


Thats awesome!!! you guys are the best!

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Hi, Quincy,
Do you know what month approximately python and ruby curriculum will go live? Been following the videos on youtube but the way you guys teach with a do-it-yourself platform…its absolutely the best.

the Python course is in the early access stage, and as soon as it is ready it will be published

Ruby is not taught here - if you want an other open source course, The Odin Project teaches Ruby

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Hi Quincy, so you said the python curriculum will go live in early 2020. I’m super eager to see it. It’s almost March and u was wondering how close you guys are to launching it?

We are super close to launching the public beta - probably in this week. This will be the certification projects for all 4 new certifications. Then we’ll release the practice projects later this year.


Awesome!!! Looking forward to it!

Are you changing the current “Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification” for the “Quality Assurance only” already? or is that for later?

  • I really want to be able to do the current course and get the certification before you modify it.

so im confused, is the beta for python…is that the interactive web learning like what you guys have for html, css, and javascript or something else? because im not seeing the beta…can you give me the link to it?

I believe the main projects (the 5 to get the cert) are being released for the beta. Then later in the year all of the learning exercises for each unit will be released as they are created.

The goal last I saw was to change the structure of all the exercise lessons. They will all build on each other to go step by step into a “learning” project. Kinda like the css/html lessons. Build the basic cat photo site, then add color, add don’t, add form, add buttons, … Etc … until the end is a finished cat photo website

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quincy siad that hed be “launching it later this week” which was last week. so im curious to find it

Thanks for your patience. We were getting ready to launch last week, but we saw some easy ways we could dramatically improve it, so it will probably be a couple more weeks. You can try the projects now if you join our closed alpha test: https://freecodecamp.typeform.com/to/BRCcxR

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You can try these projects by joining our closed alpha here: https://freecodecamp.typeform.com/to/BRCcxR

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I put in an application. When will i get approved?

I put in an application. When will i get approved?

Hi All,

Do you know when Python curriculum will be officially released for everyone?

Thank you for your great work

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Hi all,

How could I contribute to building the Python and Data Science curriculum?
@QuincyLarson, looking forward to your reply!