Python tag but not python course


I see theres a Python tag in Curriculum help but no python course.

Is python coming?

While the majority of the discussion on this forum relates to freeCodeCamp material, we are happy to grow to be a place for help and discussion of other subjects related to technology and programming. When we think that there is enough active posting about a given subject, we create a subforum for it. People have come here with Python questions for years, so we’ve had a Python subforum.

That said, there is a plan to add a Python course to the freeCodeCamp curriculum. The final projects have been written and are in early access. Those will probably be more widely available relatively soon (in software, “soon” is usually measured in months). The practice lessons wont be added for a while after that (in software “a while” is “several months, at least”).

For the latest official word on Python at freeCodeCamp:

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Extremely accurate bot, awesome

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