When is the new curriculum going up?

I remember Quincy’s post about the new curriculum’s change that would be coming in starting January 1st.

But so far I haven’t heard anything new and I even reached out to no avail. Would anybody have any updates? Thanks!

Whoa, I didn’t even know there was a new curriculum coming up. Is the old one out of date? I’ve been on the JS module for some time now.

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There was an announcement in December that they were no longer going to try to push for January 1st because it would require the team to grind through the holidays rather than spend time with their families. A number of things have been going on since then, including a credit card scammer almost destroying freeCodeCamp’s finances.

However, a while ago they opened up early access to the Python projects on a limited scale. (Note: Only the final projects are ready, the practice challenges building up to them will be part of the new curriculum.)


Oh wow that’s terrible. Of course there would have to be someone scummy enough to try and steal from a non-profit that provides free education.

As for the delay that makes sense, family comes first, always! Hopefully it won’t be too long now though.

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You can sign up to check out the Python projects and start working on them now, if you like. As explained in the linked post, the actual lessons won’t exist until the whole curriculum gets its overhaul to be based on guided projects.

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