**Need Help** Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

Currently going through the Basic JavaScript Challenges.
( Passing Values to Functions with Arguments)

I followed the instructions as best as I could, understating that the function and argument defined, I created my input(see below).

The feedback(output) I got said that the function (“functionWithArgs”) isn’t defined, and the only output it got was 16, even though I did define the parameters for (1,2).

what am I doing wrong?

My code so far

// Example
function ourFunctionWithArgs(a, b) {
console.log(a - b);
ourFunctionWithArgs(10, 5); // Outputs 5

// Only change code below this line.

function functionWithArghs(a, b) {

Be careful with name of the functions. Read better what you have to do and how you need to name your functions or variables.

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You probably have misspelling ?

the ‘h’ in functionWithArghs ? you remove the ‘h’ in yours.
Hope this is right.

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