Need help react memory game

Hi all,
I’m creating a pokemon memory game with react but I’ve a small problem, when 2 cards is showed, I have to click in another card for hide the 2 cards previously showed. My goal is to choose 2 card, if 2 cards is similar (it work), the card stay showed, if there are not similar I want to wait arround 2 second and hide again. I think I missing some knowledge in react lifecycle
PS: Sorry for my english
Here’s the code :
Here’s the app :
Thank you for you future response :grinning:

You can hide the cards by setting currentFirst and currentScnd to 0 (I think null would be more semantic, but OK). If they choose a second card and it’s not a match, then use a setTimeout to run a setState to set those to 0 after 1 second. You might want a state flag to disable the cards while that is happening.