Need help to deepen understanding of React

I had a final straw moment this morning.
Working on this:
I got to the part where I need to add my code and just went blank. I understand the logic of the ternary expression being explained. I was stumped at where to start. I couldn’t come up with

this.state.userAge === ''

I other words I have not internalized the more basic elements of React. Sometimes it makes sense and other times it seems like this.RandomWords.separated.ByPeriods. I can totally understand the solution but it’s just not sinking in.

My instinct now is just to stopping slipping behind and restart the section with React Challenge #1. My question is can anyone recommend the best resources to deepen my understanding? There are lots of videos around. Which would you recommend? Videos, even good ones, are a bit passive. Are there any other resources that include lots of exercises and challenges and coding?

Deeper understanding comes from practice, that’s pretty much it. It took me years to grok monads in Haskell before I just started using them for real-world things, then the whole thing just “clicked”. That then opened up a whole new world of things I totally couldn’t understand :wink:

Finding interesting challenges is, well, challenging. Redoing challenges is certainly a good way to reinforce what you’ve learned, and there’s always the FCC front-end projects you could write/rewrite with React. Try making an interactive tribute or portfolio page perhaps.

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Thanks for the input.
To answer my own question I’m delving into Scrimba free React course with Bob Ziroll.