Need help with Basic Algorithm Scripting: Reverse a String

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what is wrong with my code?
how is it different from the one in the solution

Basic Algorithm Scripting: Reverse a String

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  var reverseString = function(name) {
  var revStr = ""
  for (let i = (name.length - 1); i >= 0 ; i--) {
    revStr = revStr.concat(name.charAt(i));

function reverseString(str) {
  return str;


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Looks like a single minus sign for me instead of two minus signs.

Also you should be returning your answer not console logging it.

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no i have included two minus signs in the actua code; it is just how it is displayed in the above text. however, the FCC wont accept this code.

the solution to the above challenge as provided by FCC is ```
function reverseString(str) {
return str.split(’’).reverse().join(’’);

Have you tried this?

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it worked thanks. changing from console.log to return seemed to solve the problem.
thanks again sir.

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