Need help with Building my Product Landing Page

I have made an attempt at building my product landing page. However, I’m currently stuck. Specifically on User Story #2: I can see an image within the header element with a corresponding id="header-img" . A company logo would make a good image here.

I thought I did it right, but when I did the test to check, it was not highlighted in green. Can anyone possibly tell me where I might have made a mistak

The <img> element should be nested in the <header>. Also the <img>'s id is slightly wrong.

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I’m still having trouble with user story #2 as well as the user story about id=nav-bar. While I made changes to img portion of the code, the test says that it still wrong along with id=“nav-bar” even though the clickable links are said to be correct.

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User story 2 is asking you to put your img inside the header element - at the moment yours is outside it.

You also have a slightly mal-formed tag, so it will complain about src not being set properly. Look at it closely and see if you can spot what needs to change.

Let me know if you need more direction.

I tried to nest the img element inside the header element. However it still says that it’s not correct. I’m not sure if the img is suppose to be on the next line or not.

Your current code

<header id="header"></header>
<img id="#header-img" src="">

The instructions tell you to nest the <img .../> element inside the <header></header> element. It is currently not inside the <header>s.

Also, the img needs an id of header-img. That is not the current id. Look closely.

You’re nearly there - it’s just a couple of tiny things you need to do.

The nav element also needs to be inside the header element and you didn’t close the nav element.

I’m currently stuck on user story#5. When I went to test my page, it says the nav links are wrong.

do you have a new pen? the links in this page all say 404 Page not found

@ieahleen sorry about that! This link should work. Also, I am currently stuck on layout portion of my landing page. It says the navbar should be at the top of the viewpoint.

I don’t know if you changed anything in lasy 15mins, but I see all tests passing

@ieahleen Yeah, I think I got. some searching around for it as it was pretty tricky! Thank you for reaching out to help though.