Need help with CMS October!

I need to learn in a short time CMS October.If there is a confident users, what basic knowledge needed for this?

Thank you in advance:)

Have you seen their beginner docs?

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ty man , but i need to know ,for exempl , what skills i need in php or js/jq , for more profeshional using it, not gust them and plugins.

October CMS is built on a PHP framework called Laravel. So, being familiar with Laravel will be pretty important. You will likely also want to be familiar with Twig, since that is what October uses for a templating engine. You should also have an understanding of AJAX.

However, the exact skills you are going to need will highly depend on what you are doing. As a professional developer, you will likely be required to create plug-ins to meet your client’s needs. This will likely require an understanding of how October works: the way it stores data, the various classes, methods, functions and variables that is utilizes.

Looking at the ‘Docs’ page and the ‘Developer guide’ is probably a good place to start.

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Thanks for help, I will try your advice)