Need help with concatenating strings exercise

Can someone please tell me how this is wrong. I followed the instructions and even watched the video and did it the same way and i am getting an error. in the video, the demonstration doesn’t even use “;” at the end of the strings.
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var myStr = "This the first sentence. ";
myStr += "This is the second sentence.";

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Challenge: Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator

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please here is the right Code, you can compare it with yours and see:

let myStr = "This is the first sentence. " ;
myStr += “This is the second sentence.”;

i think the mistake your doing is giving two space in the first line of the code, make the space is just one. i just passed the challenge with the code i pasted , you can copy and paste and note the error

Thank you, I did one space and it gave me an error when i first started. I didnt know i needed a space in the second string which i don’t remember the notes talking about

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