Need help with lesson 11

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The footer tag should have an id attribute set to “footer”.
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In order to help you, it would be beneficial for us to see the code you currently have. What have you tried? What is not working?


all your code.
That is an a element.
Please show all your code so we can see what’s missing.

You need to individuate the footer element and do something to that one too.

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how do I add an id attribute here with the value “footer”

The lessons have shown you a couple of different attributes. They tend to follow the same format:
<element attribute="value></element>.

next time, please, use the ask for help button to create a post with your code included. And the challenge link.

Seeing just snippets of your code it is not easy to help.

The id is an attribute like many others, you add it to the opening tag of an element, and write it as id="id-name"