Need help with my pomodoro clock (Resuming counting)

To be honest Pomodoro Project is quite challenging for me. My code is very sloppy as i’m beginner, so I could not figure out how to implement countdown so i copied the whole function from stackoverflow. Now i cannot understand how to resume countdown after i have paused it. Whenever i click start after pausing it counts down from the beginning. Please help me!
My Code

When you click start, this code is executed :

time = 60 * defaultSession;
display = document.querySelector('.timer-frame');
startTimer(time, display);

So, the timer starts again with the defaultSession time, which is 60 seconds * 25 minutes.

You need to keep track of the current time, and make the timer start on the current time, whenever you click on start.

That is the issue that i do not know how to do that

use setInterval and clearInterval alternatively. Something like this

$("#yourButton").on("click", function() {
if (stopFlag == false) {
     interID = setInterval(ReduceCountAndShowFunction, 1000);
     stopFlag = true;
   } else {
     stopFlag = false;
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Thanks i’m going to try it!