Need help with Open Weather Map


I have been asking questions about my weather app for which I am following a tutorial on YouTube.

Here is the project on CodePen:

The most excellent thing is that according to CodePen I have no errors in my javascript. But of course how does a spell checker know if Iā€™m using a homonym in the right context. :smiley:

But when I look in the console I see the problem is with OpenWeatherMap. If I use the OWM url with http the error is that OWM will not accept a nonsecure connection. If I change the URL to https it then sends a connection refused error. I have checked my API key several times and have copied and pasted into my script to avoid typos.

Is this an OpenWeatherMap thing or a CodPen thing.

Thanks for taking a look.

All the best,


If I am not mistaken, you have to be a paying subscriber of openweather to use the secure (https) version. I assume you are not a paying subscriber, so that is why your connection is refused.