Need help with Polygon area calculator: Argument missing

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Looking at other codes off of github/stackoverflow, the code’s supposed to work but apparently for some reason i am getting this error. Sorry for the rusty post.

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class Rectangle():
  def __init__(self,width,height):

  def __str__(self):
    return (f" Rectangle(width={self.width}, height={self.height})")

  def set_width(self,width):
    #return self.width
  def set_height(self,height):
    #return self.height

  def get_area(self):
    return self.width*self.height

  def get_perimeter(self):
    return ( 2 * self.height + 2 * self.width )
  def get_diagonal (self):
    return ((self.width ** 2 + self.height ** 2) ** .5)

  def get_picture (self):
    if not (self.width>50):
      if not self.height>50:
        for i in range(self.height):
          retu= f" {'*'*self.width} \n " 
        return retu

        return "Too big for picture"
      return "Too big for picture"

  def get_amount_inside(self,obj):
    while area_avai>=nos_area:  
      area_avai -= nos_area
      ct +=1
    return ct

class Square(Rectangle):
    def _init(self, side):
    def __str__(self):
      return (f" Square(side={self.width})")
    def set_side(self,lgt):
      #return self.side
    def set_width(self,lgt):
      #return self.width, self.height

    def set_height(self,lgt):
     # return self.width, self.height

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Thank you for the edit and the welcome. :smiley:

Hey, I’ve noticed a typo in line 42 and 43 (getarea instead of get_area) and line 46 (__init instead of “__init __”).

Also, if you use a method within a method, try coding the argument as an argument of the method (referring to set_width and set_height).

Hope this helps, I see it’s been a while :smile:

thank you for providing the closure :sweat_smile: I went on to redo the thing, but always good to know what i did wrong.