Need help with portfolio issue

I cant manage to to arrange horizontally my image and text. I have tried multiple combinations, but I’m stuck.

here’s a link to my pen

You appear to be using Bootstrap syntax, but did not add it to your Codepen CSS settings.

my bad, thank you very much :wink:

Now my navigation bar is fixed but the text is all over it. need more help :open_mouth:

Can you be more specific of what you want to see vs. what you are actually seeing? What do you mean by “navigation bar is fixed but the text is all over it.”?

sorry. The navigation bar is fixed to the head of the page, but when you scroll down, the other content goes over it. This happened after I enabled bootstart.

Add z-index: 1; to your .navbar class definition. Then, the text will go under and not over.

thank you. The last issue is that the navigation buttons have spread out throughout the bar. I want them to be aligned to the right

bumping the topic. still need help with alignment