Need help with scrollspy

Hi, I’m new here and new in programming and coding. I reach the point where I’m making my portafolio and I wanted to add use the scrollspy to mark where the user is in the page.
I have already read the documentation, try to implement it and didn’t work, even try using the same code as in the documentation page of bootstrap and also didn’t work.
I have already read the forum and I see is a common problem here, so I check those solution and none have worked for me so far.
Loeaded first JQuery, then popper.js and then bootstrap.js, so far so good.
Try to activate it manually using JS still didn’t work.
Added the attribute of data-spy and target to the body using JS and still didn’t work.

No joke I have already like try 30 kind of solutions and not even once have worked as intended. Can any one tell me where is the problem? :persevere:


add .nav-link class to your links

<a href="#about" class="btn btn-light nav-link">About</a>
<a href="#portafolio" class="btn btn-light nav-link">Portafolio</a>
<a href="#contact" class="btn btn-light nav-link">Contact</a>
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OMG thank you so much now I feel kinda dumb ))):! But it works!!! Thanks again!!