Need help with technical doc page

I’m new to this so please bear with me… not sure whats the appropriate way to ask for help…

Tell us whats happening:

I’m not sure how to get the navbar and the main text to be side by side. At the moment the navbar is in front of the text.

I’ve written the code in Atom as a prefer writing in a text editor as opposed to codepen… so i’ve just copied and pasted the code into codepen so that it might be easier to help me.

Here’s hint, try setting main doc to display flex.

Thanks for that! Before I tried putting it in the body but didn’t realise it had to be with the main doc.

Also, I tried it with putting the .tech_doc with a margin of 320px and it works as well.

Should i use both or one or the other?

hmm seems like its to do with the #navbar … when i add the position (fixed) it distorts it all.

I’m trying to find a way to explain the position:fixed problem.

Here’s an example.

If your menu bar was on top of the page with position:fixed and you scrolled down the page the content would get hidden under the menu bar.

You are doing the same with it in the side panel so you are hiding some of the main-section content under navbar.

Not sure if that makes sense. (sorry)

OK my explanation last night wasn’t the good.

Instead of using display: fixed try display:flex

Ahh thanks for the help!! much appreciated!

been there done that :slight_smile: