Need help with wiki viewer project

Hi! I’ve been working on this for days and I can’t help but feel so lost. I tried several code combinations, and I can’t seem to get the results to display. Can anyone help/point me in the right direction please?

Here’s my pen:

You need a $(document).ready() function where you bind your event handlers to the buttons. If you don’t bind your click event handler to your button, it won’t do anything.

Just put at the bottom of the code:


some code here


Hi! Thank you for responding! I added the document ready function w/ the respective event handlers & buttons, but still nothing is happening?

Ok I’ll have another look. It’s late here so I might have to leave it until tomorrow but, oh, a quick look, why not…

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For some reason, the $(document).ready() function isn’t loading and (I have no idea why) but when you delete the last div container, it works again. So when you print your result you will probably have to write in your last div container (results) with your javascript. That might not solve everything but at least it should get your button doing something.