Need help with y-axis

What is wrong with the way I have the y-axis.? It’s not doing it correctly and I have no idea how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
I need to get it displaying in D3 %M:%S format, but I have no idea how to format ticks. I tried looking at timeFormat and d3.time.format but I got errors.

You should look into using d3.timeParse() for parsing the time data. Then you can use the .tickFormat() functions on an axis to format ticks with the result of d3.timeFormat().

This looks like it will work, sorry for the late reply.

It worked! I solved that hurdle. Now I only have one test to pass. The test says " The data-xvalue and its corresponding dot should align with the corresponding point/value on the x-axis."
But according to what I can see, it is. Is there some issue related to separate objects? I mean, does it want a Date and I have a String?

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