"Need more help?" links in the tutorials?

I love FCC for its thoroughness and active and positive community. But one weakness I have always seen is that the tutorials tend to be–how do I put this?–both too superficial and too “official-document-like.” That is, the individual lessons often involve changing only one thing, sometimes an almost trivial thing, and they explain that thing in vocab that seems to be lifted from official documentation, which may be technically precise, but is often very new to the user and confusing.

There are significant other resources out there (W3 Schools, blogs, YouTube) that can help explain what is going on and have (especially for W3 Schools) good WYSIWG editors.

So (forgive me if this was considered previously), would it not be a good thing to include a “Do you need more help?” lesson in each unit, with link(s) to alternative tutorials? In language pedagogy (which has some analogy to code pedagogy according to the research), the student encountering the word/phrase in multiple different contexts (i.e., multiple sources) helps learning.

at this time the curriculum is going through an over-haul
the next iteration of the curriculum will be completely project based. that will change both the structure and the way thing are explained.

Anyway, one reason why I think this will not be a thing, but I may be wrong, is that the curriculum push a lot on the Read-Search-Ask method, and just giving links would make the learner less prone to search for new infos.

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In the past, freeCodeCamp challenges did include external links. The decision was made to remove them so that freeCodeCamp isn’t recommending or endorsing a specific resource (and our lessons don’t get broken if the other website changes something). Instead we push pretty hard on the “Read, Search, Ask” pattern. It is vitally important that students learn how to search for and use additional resources on their own.