Need more info for the random quote generator

It’s not clear but do I get the quotes from a particular twitter account or a hashtag?
Also the making a tweet part, do you allow the user to tweet from your account or do you just send them to twitter to sign in and send it from their account or is it something else entirely?

Thanks for any clarification.

Hey orinocoelm,

so I’m working on this project currently myself, so I don’t have all the answers, but from my understanding, generating the quotes, and being able to share them on twitter are two seperate areas.

you’ll want to find an api (think of it as a database of quotes). for starters, checkout this website, see if you like it

Next, once you have your website up and running, you’ll want a twitter button to let your users easily share the content. get started with this website

hope that helps

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I understand now I thought the point of the exercise was to access the twitter API to get quotes but apparently the only twitter interaction is adding a tweet button which isn’t much in way of api interaction.