Need of anonymous function?

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In this problem they are clearly using the function again. So, what is the need of an anonymous function if not to create a function which will only be fun once.
They could have just created function normally right?

function greeting(name = "Anonymous"){
    return "Hello " + name;

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This is not an anonymous function. This is a normally created function. It only has “Anonymous” as a default argument.

I would consider arrow functions to be anonymous function expressions.

Assigning a function expression to a variable is not the same as naming it. But they obviously can have names you can invoke them with. MDN uses the semantic implicit names compared to a named function expression which is an explicit name (MDN: Named function expression).

Not sure how accurate the semantics is but the shape of an arrow function does suggest it’s a concise anonymous function expression.

const anonymousFunctionExpression = function() {

const namedFunctionExpression = function someFnName() {

const anonymousFunctionExpressionArrowFn = () => {

But I doubt that is what was asked about anyway.

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