Need some advice on what to do next

Hi everyone
I’ve started my learning journey in 2021, i’ve learned so much in the process but only took 6 courses and finished projects for 4 of them,however I went and learned more about React, Next.js and React Native, my best project so far was website for a company with Next.js check it out here

I feel like everything I try to build is taking way too much time for it’s value and I have no luck finding a job.
I live in Turkey as a refugee (not exactly in the best situation i know) any jobs I try to apply to needs at least 2 years of experince, there’s too many people applying to it as well or they ask for a totally diffrent tech stack (mainly php, wordpress and larvel)

What I know so far: HTML, CSS, JS, React, Next.JS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React Native and few other stuff that picked up but not that good at like Python, TypeScript and Electron.JS

I feel like I don’t have much to show for in terms of real life projects or lacking in the technology stack, I’m frustrated and kinda trapped financially.

what do you think I can do in the next 2-3 month (max) to get my first job or at least some freelancing work ?

Hello, It seem like you have a some good skills. like really good skills. Have you ever thought about freelance work? there some websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can also become a tutor or a coding mentor. I forgot the websites to that but people will pay you if you can teach them coding.
I been studying coding for 5 plus years and I only know HTML and CSS I build my portfolio and I also been applying as a HTML email marketing. when it comes to experience even if you have 2 year that’s fine if the job requires 4 year then put down 4 if it requires 8 year then put down 8. you have to prove to company’s that you are capable and believe me is shows you have skills. focus on job that are related to your skills if you have to also you can change your resume to reflect the company your applying for.
hope this helps.
Thank you,

don’t lie on your resume, it’s really bad practice and easy to notice

I’ve been applying for a while like 4 years and I’m not getting anywhere. what do you recommend I do? I have recruiters helping me. I apply everyday. I wanted to be a front end developer but at this point ill be happy to be a HTML email developer. I want to prove to a company that I am capable of doing the project.
what is your best advice? all feedback is welcome. I can provided you my linkedin and github and personal portfolio. do you think i am job ready?
Thank you,

If this is true, and you really have been at this for 5 years and only know html and css it shows a real lack of commitment on your part. No offense, but html and css should really take less than a year. So, if this is truly all you know then it would make sense on why you have not heard anything back from jobs you applied for. Since, you also mentioned someone lie on their resume I would be hesitant to believe everything you have on your resume. Again, no offense but I am going off what you said. If you really want a job then you should be looking at learning javas script, a framework, maybe a backend language. Just html and css is not going to get you anywhere

I can build majority of stuff with just HTML and CSS and I been doing it for 5 years. I’m not a pro at HTML or CSS I use bootstrap studio 4. it a software that helps build website a bit faster. I still look at my notes and I look at documentations but I feel more confident in HTML and CSS more. I do work in JavaScript. when I try working with JavaScript it take me longer to understand so I usually rely back to HTML and CSS.
the new JavaScript Beta at freecodecamp is a big help I finally got a good understand of what JavaScript can really do. I still need to improve but I finally got started.
The jobs I’m applying for are HTML email marketing. The only requirements are HTML and CSS basically the coder will build email campaigns. I thought that would be a good position I can apply for. that’s maybe one step towards front end developers. that’s the next position I want to become and if I could a JavaScript developer once I get really good with JS.
I’m open to all feedback, and any advice is welcome. Thank you again.