Need some career guidance

I am working in a company for 1.7 years in a support role. Although i have worked for more than a year but I feel like I have no good experience in technology and my growth has stopped.
I am really passionate about backend engineering. Done some side projects.
Technologies i know spring boot, express, Oracle db, Mongodb.
Languages - Java, Javascript, Typescript, python.
I have also done 250+ leetcode questions.

Please share your guidance.


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hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

i hope you are keep applying to your dream jobs!! meanwhile, to have more wholesome approach for this job hunt you can look into danny thompson’s youtube series and others like him

good luck and happy searching :slight_smile:

What is your dream job?

Me, I’m just finding my feet about exactly what is what in this world of tech. Coming from construction where I’ve worked all my life, I’m struggling to know where to even start.

That’s really cool that you are putting hard work to move out of support role to Backend Engineer role.

Some tips to get into Backend Engineering role

  1. Now a days startup are using non-Java tech for backend, so don’t invest time to learn Java related things. Legacy projects use Java and there are tons of engineers who have this knowledge already. Let’s not be part of big group.

  2. Python / JS ( node.js ) will help you get dream job, keep building projects. Less engineers with this tech knowledge, can be easier to get job.

  3. I suggest to checkout JD of backend engineering and learn additional skills needed as well. My favourite place to check JD and latest tech used is “Y Combinator jobs page”

All the very best.

Make sure to keep committing your work to Github on daily basis, as this will help a lot in getting new role as backend engineer.

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I don’t have such a thing called “dream job”. I always wanted to work for something that has a lot of impact on its user by the help of technology.
Though I think I am not qualified to answer your 2nd query, but I think you just have to start without thinking to much. And then when you progress you will start figuring out things automatically. Our brain is designed like that.
When I was in my first year of college, I didn’t knew anything about technology or computer science. I started with Python and then slowly moved to different technologies.
All the best for your future brother.
Keep it up, I know you can do it.

Thank you very much for your advice.
I can relate with your first point.
All your advices are gems.

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My advice is to look into cloud computing, a great field for everything backend-related. Also a vast field, from setting up private clouds needed due to local regulations, helping companies coordinating microservice architectures, to building and maintaining a serverless architecture for your employer while keeping costs down.

All major players, Google, AWS, Azure and IBM have learning centers to get an overview of what path might be interesting for you.
Much success on your way.

Thank you for your advice.

I am right there with you. Been a carpenter for the first 10 years of my career and my body is feeling it so I figured it might be time to build stuff in the digital world. Never been a computer person so I’m a bit nervous but that’s just part of the deal with new endeavors. Best of luck on your journey from one Celtic carpenter to another!